Jerry Sanders, Former Mayor of San Diego

"I have known Chancellor Carroll for over 30 years and she has provided unwavering leadership for the education of generations of community college students. She led campaigns to fund first-class educational facilities and has provided first-generation college students an opportunity to go on to four year degrees. During her tenure, she also be an active member of the larger San Diego community bettering the lives of our region’s residents. Thank you Constance for everything you have done!"

Adela de la Torre, President of San Diego State University

"Constance Carroll, affectionately called The People's Chancellor, has been a powerful force for change within community colleges in our region, across the state, and the nation. Her leadership in the San Diego Community College District has capitulated the district to being one of the most recognized and heralded in the nation for student success, equity and diversity, and cross-sector partnerships. Our own recent partnership in establishing SDSU microsites at community colleges - beginning with San Diego Mesa College have fostered enhanced opportunities for students to earn a baccalaureate degree. We are grateful to Constance for her years of dedication and her shared commitment to students."

Mark Cafferty, President and CEO of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

"From my perspective, as both a workforce and economic development professional, I have truly seen firsthand how Dr. Carroll has changed the way the business community thinks about and recognizes our community college system. Moreover, as a San Diegan, I have seen firsthand how she has changed the way our community thinks about and recognizes leadership. Her contributions and impact will be felt for generations to come. And I feel both lucky and honored to call her a mentor, colleague and friend. Few people have done more for education, equity and inclusion than Dr. Constance Carroll. San Diego is truly a better place because of her work. I cannot thank her enough for her leadership and guidance on regional workforce/economic development efforts, and I am forever grateful for her mentorship and friendship."

Martha Kanter, CEO of College Promise

“Grounded in her love and knowledge of the Classics, Dr. Carroll has worked tirelessly to seek and sustain the best education possible for our students throughout her remarkable career. I am honored to extend my deepest appreciation to Dr. Constance Carroll for her unwavering commitment to excellence, equity and service for every student, for the San Diego Community College District family, for American higher education, the State of California, and our nation. A truly humanitarian leader who embodies integrity, foresight, and strategic innovation, Dr. Carroll has amassed an extraordinary set of achievements to advance opportunity and attainment for all. Prominent among her many accomplishments are the San Diego Promise, the Community College Baccalaureate Pathways, California Community Colleges Statewide Funding Formulas, Accreditation Standards, The Role and Impact of Community Colleges in the Humanities, and Accountability System Improvements. Grounded in her love and knowledge of the Classics, Dr. Carroll has worked tirelessly to seek and sustain the best education possible for our students throughout her remarkable career. Thank you for the many gifts of leadership and caring that you have given us! With heartfelt appreciation for keeping students first and foremost throughout your extraordinary list of achievements, thank you, Dr. Carroll, for opening the widest doors possible to enable each and every student to forge a unique path to the American dream."

Dr. Maria Nieto Senour, President of the SDCCD Board of Trustees

“Chancellor Carroll has been a visionary in her approach to creating more opportunities for our students and staff, especially those from the most vulnerable populations. Programs such as HUBU (Hermanos Unidos/Brothers United), Umoja, and the Urban Scholars Union are examples of programs created under her leadership. Chancellor Carroll has diversified our faculty, staff and administration over the years, making sure our students see role models they can relate to. San Diego Community College District was one of the first districts in the state to develop the Promise program, again, thanks to Constance’s leadership. She was able to get donations from many groups and individuals due to the high regard in which she is held by other city and state leaders."

Mark Stuart, San Diego Foundation President and CEO

“Dr. Constance Carroll is one of the most dedicated champions for equity and opportunity in San Diego County history. Her passionate advocacy for education as a pathway to prosperity and purpose for our local students, particularly those who have faced personal hardship and systemic challenges, has had a lasting impact on thousands of San Diegans. Dr. Carroll’s tireless work on education policy and the strategic partnerships she has forged to ensure every San Diego student has the opportunity to reach their full potential, will benefit our students, families and communities for generations to come. Thank you, Dr. Carroll, for serving as our region’s champion on education, equity and community engagement. Your leadership at the San Diego Community College District, as well as with The San Diego Foundation Board of Governors, has helped generate hope, opportunity and purpose for all San Diegans and future generations."

James T. Harris III, President of the University of San Diego

“Thank you for being the living embodiment of servant-leadership as an enlightened, Catholic leader. Your unwavering support of the humanities and liberal arts as well as your steadfast commitment to access and inclusion in education is inspiring. We are grateful for your service to USD and your impact on the entire San Diego community is immeasurable."

Peter Seidler, Owner and Chairman of the San Diego Padres

“I first met Constance eight years ago after moving to San Diego and soon discovered that she possesses a one-of-kind package of leadership skills that combines brilliance, empathy, humor, and strategic excellence combined with hands-on effectiveness. I often find myself just wanting to be in her company if only to capture a bit of her special, warm energy, and joyful enthusiasm. Perhaps small in stature, Constance is a mountain of a person.”

Gretchen Bitterlin

"Thank you, Dr. Carroll, for your vision and forward thinking that has made our district program perhaps the most successful and unique community college program in the nation with its integration of credit and non-credit education under the same umbrella. As a retired faculty member of the non-credit English as a Second Language program, I especially admire your unwavering support for our ESL program, particularly, our undocumented students. I also commend your amazing communication skills, e.g. regular emails, over the years with admin, faculty, staff, and students. Thank you.”